Unmasked & Shamefaced: Trump Glossary Cheat Sheet

Navigate his unfathomable tweets and rants with our very own Trump Glossary!

Trump glossary, Angela Merkel, Donald Trump
Germany’s Angela Merkel & Donald Trump.

1st in a series (if I’m lucky).

Forget your old civics class — in his measly two-month-plus reign as President, Trump’s words have caused me to masticate a whole new set of definitions to chew on.  But just in case we’re all wrong with the timing, you ought to hold on to this — you may need it the next 3 years, 285 days, 2 hours and 35 minutes — but who’s counting?

Trump glossary, mask


A rubbing compound you can bring to the bank as collateral!


A Georgia farmer who didn’t vote for Trump!


Or Impeachment whichever comes first!

Bret Baier           

Black, Brown, White sometimes Teddy!


A lie in reverse!

”               ”             

See Walkback!


See Backfire!


Joking with Merkel.

A smirk’in Merkel

Blessed serendipity!


Birds do it, Bees do it even over-educated P’s do it! 


Excessive Tweeting

You could go blind doing that!  


Number that will live in infamy! 

White House Intel

Fox, duh! 


Sold it to Abe of Japan 2 weeks ago…they were drinking sake and yada, yada, yada!

Our Naval Fleet

Sold that too — same Invoice!  Our new Flag now matches Trump’s tie – what a deal maker!    


Marilyn Sands