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New edition: “Dead on Arrival: But like a zombie, still looking for victims” – A review of the GOP effort to “repeal and replace” health care – Now available on our FREE Humor Times app!

Cartoon app, health careIn the latest edition of the “News in Cartoons” Humor Times app, called Dead on Arrival, the world’s greatest editorial cartoonists (who populate our popular Humor Times magazine with great material every single month) review the latest news in the way only political cartoonists can.

Republicans just won’t give up on their pet project, destroying Obamacare, even though their plan is extremely unpopular with a huge majority. It threatens to put health care out of reach for as many as 30 million people or more, and raise rates for everyone.

Although it’s been seven years since the GOP pledged to “repeal and replace” Obama’s signature achievement, it seems they couldn’t be bothered to actually come up with a workable plan. Now they’re talking about just repealing, and “coming up with something” later. Yeah, don’t hold your breath. Or you may turn blue and have no access to health care to revive you.

The app also features a “bonus cartoon” each issue, as well as a funny video of the week.

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