Covfefe – The Nuclear Code Word Trump Couldn’t Remember

Trump wanted to end it all, but couldn’t remember the secret nuclear code word!

Trump secret nuclear code word

Little did the world know that on May 31, 2017, President Donald J. Trump wanted to end it all, but just couldn’t remember the secret nuclear code word.

But, on that dark and stormy night; Trump dropped a hint with his cryptic tweet as he pressed the letters frantically on his phone as I have with my Universal Remote – as I also lost my will to live after 4 hours of that!

Believing the Nuclear ‘Football’ was hooked up to his phone; Trump went manically from A to Z trying to end his demise before Mueller got closer to the truth.

He tried all these configurations in rapid succession; taking a bite out of a Cheeseburger every 5 minutes to keep up his strength.








& when he got to CoVfefe – he accidentally dropped the phone in the toilet & started to swear in Spanish when Melania rushed in…

“I can’t go on”!

“What do you mean – the toilet seat was widened yesterday”.

“No, the world knows what I am”.

“I do too; but I’m still here”.

“I know, but they don’t get a payoff in the end”.

“I have the power to make the world go away & I’ll take everyone with me”!

“What about my son”?

“How about me; no one left to say I was the greatest president”.

“Another meltdown – remember, we went through this before with your little problem”.

“No, the ocean was cold that day – I just can’t face the music”.

“They have music in prison?  You make your bed then lie in it”!

“No.  Ketchup was yesterday, today it was Duck Sauce”.

“I do love my chaos”.

“Dry your phone, finish your Tweet & I’ll hold your foot until you fall asleep”.

“I love Slovenia”!

“Did you tweet your ‘Goodnight Vlad’ yet”?

“Didn’t have to – see over there.  Right behind Martha Washington’s left ti…”!


Marilyn Sands