In Over His Head and Under Senate House Arrest

Donald Trump is in over his head, and ought to be under Senate House Arrest.

House Arrest

Just like the character Chauncey Gardiner played by Peter Sellers in the 1979 hit movie, Being There, the 45th U.S. President, played by Donald Trump, is also in over his head. Both lived life simplistically in a complicated world.

House Arrest

House Arrest

Chauncey, an unassuming Gardener accidentally finds himself in a new situation as Political Advisor without credentials and with no apparent repercussions; whereas, everything Trump touches or proposes is cause for angst & trepidation for our lives & our country.

House Arrest

Both out of their comfort zones; each relying on their past experience working with, well… manure!

Randomly hit by a car, Chauncey remained the same as before; while Trump was hit by The Peter Principle & the Presidency he never wanted.

‘Common Sense’, ‘A Gut Feeling’ & ‘Making it up as you go on the Back 9’ – these are what Donald Trump used & depended upon in his deal making days of yore – but doesn’t necessarily bear fruit today in protecting & defending a country.

True to his character, Chauncey continued to speak in cryptic sentences & gardening terms; whereas Trump, through the magic of twitter & photo ops; spent his days & nights spewing out ‘Wharton Good Words’ ad nauseum.

Yet, their every utterance is anticipated & reported by millions for much different reasons:  Chauncey for his profound gardening metaphors & Trump for daily updates on his mental state for our insured peace of mind – which unfortunately has passed the point of no return.

The movie was a charming little end of the 70’s vignette as a fictional piece – but off screen in Washington in 2018; doesn’t seem so charming in reality.

The controversial ending? ‘Life is a state of mind’, Chauncey opined as he literally walked on water as the Credits rolled by…

Trump on Water?  I don’t think so, do you?

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Marilyn Sands

Marilyn Sands

Marilyn Sands is a former 80's Stand-Up Comic who started out in the DC/MD/VA area, moved to the Bay Area in Northern California and now resides in L.A. She has sold jokes to Joan Rivers, lesser lights and gag magazines, and is a screenwriter, playwright and author of non-fiction.