What’s that in Rubles?


A U.S. Game Show with Russian Contestants: What’s that in Rubles?

Come on down – Boris, Igor, Katya!

I’m your Host… Wink Kavanaughski


Buzzers ready? 

What gets you killed off suspiciously in the Kremlin?

Stealing Bobka from pushcart

Man wearing Babuska in Ladies Room

Or… Making eye contact with Putin

Who said ‘We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia‘?

Eric Trump

Donald Jr.

Or…Mike Pence

Where were you when Trump asked, ‘Russia, if you’re listening…’?

In the woods picking poison mushrooms

Getting my hearing aids repaired

Or… Against the wall with a cup

What’s an Oligarch?

2 Russian men copying a Ruble with a Xerox machine

A Vodka & Bunko Party

Or…That greasy stuff on top of Pizza

What’s a Papadopoulous?

A Greek Sex Position   

Gas after too much Baklava

Or… Dopoulous father

Where can we find that ‘400 pound fat guy sitting on a bed’?

The Red Square Red Roof Inn

Next to 400 pound fat gal sitting on a bed

Or… Talking to Melania

What does the St. Petersburg Troll Farm grow?

Potatoes, Carrots & Beets

Beans, Peas & Corn

Or… Lotsa Pots of Bots

What else can you use a Samovar for?

A fancy Urinal

A Martini Shaker

Or… Bribe for Illegal Visa

And… What’s a Russian home remedy for a frozen Penis?

Submerge in warm water

Tuck it under your arm

Or… An hour with Olga?