Oh, God! It’s Not THAT Time Again Is It???

It just can’t be that time again already!

Noooooooooooooooo! It can’t be that time again! It’s inhumane! Its monstrous! It just can’t be true!

that time again, campaign seasonIT CAN’T BE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN SEASON AGAIN!!!


It seems like the last one just ended. I still haven’t recovered from that one yet. The scars haven’t even totally healed over. Has it really been two years?

I wonder what happened to that other guy who was President… What’s his name?… The black guy… Where is he now?

I know part of the reason it seems like it it has been so short. That is because this Donald guy never stopped campaigning. It seems like he thinks that campaigning is his real job and he just does something sort of Presidential once in a while to make it look like he is really doing something practical.

Why are all these Democrats trying to get in the act? Do they think this is tryouts for Cirque du Soleil or something? Do they realize that only one can be President? Wouldn’t it be easier and less costly to just make them into a lynch mob and give ‘The Man’ another tie to wear other than that red one. Or just use the red one- it certainly is long enough.

This is way too early for this tummy rot to start. The election is still over a year and a half away. Do we have to start gorging ourselves now? It is like eating a salad with mixed fruits and vegetables in it with a dressing of the most acidic vinegar possible and the most saccharine sauce imaginable mixed together. The indigestion lasts for two years. The bowel movement when it is finally expelled is like the one that killed Presley. The after taste makes you want to fast for a year afterwards. It leaves the populace with withered guts that cannot tolerate any more stress (or any more sh**). It sends the collective blood pressure into levels that could threaten to blow a collective vein.

This super frat party every four years is just too much. Why don’t we just bring Coliseums back into vogue and let them fight it out there with swords. If they chicken out we add lions to the mix. If we are lucky there would eventually be so few candidates that we would finally be left in peace. And that would be a new and wonderful thing.

No campaigning.
No stupid slogans.
No tacky posters.
No obnoxious and bloated campaign rallies.

No yahoo shouting and applauding over every ignorant thing the candidate uses to pry open the national consciousness.

The country of Belgium got so locked up politically a few years ago that they went without a government for two years. The citizens went out and celebrated their freedom on both anniversaries.

That sounds like a wonderful thing…

As John Lennon once sang, “Just Imagine…”

Roger Freed