Are Trump Supporters Totally Ignorant of his Shortcomings?

It’s easy to see this miscreant should not hold any position of authority, but somehow Trump supporters need more convincing.

Personally, I find Donald Trump to be a dangerously narcissistic miscreant who should not be given any authority over others, much less be ensconced in the White House. That, in my view, is an easy conclusion to reach.

trump supportersWhat’s far more troubling to me is that Mr. Trump garners the support of upwards of 45% of the American electorate. How can that possibly be? Are these folks totally ignorant of the man’s foibles and shortcomings? Do they side with him because of or in spite of his failings?

It is a sad reflection on American society and its declining system of public education that a strong plurality of voting citizens will support a man who has no business running a corner store, much less the most powerful country on earth.

For my own sanity, I have to believe that this sad state of affairs is due to the ignorance of a significant portion of the electorate. I have to believe that because if those folks are fully aware of all that Donald Trump is and still choose to support him, then I will have lost complete faith in American democracy and must resign myself to mob rule.

Still clinging to what’s left of civilization and rational thought, I trust that if these misbegotten souls are made aware of the truth (i.e. – non-fake news) then they will change their political views and reject the sad excuse for a national leader that is Donald Trump.

Here then is a list of indisputable facts about Mr. Trump that should convince all or most of his supporters to throw away their red MAGA hats and help dethrone him:

  • This is a man who, shortly after his wife gave birth, cheated on her with a porn star. He also had a lengthy affair with a former Playboy Playmate. In both cases, he paid the woman in question a sizable sum to buy her silence.
  • Donald Trump is a rude, name-calling bully. No matter who his opponent is, he insists on labeling them with some childish nickname. This is behavior that you wouldn’t put up with in your six-year-old child but, for some strange reason, are willing to overlook in a grown man.
  • It is well documented that The Donald frequently stiffed and cheated contractors, sub-contractors and tradespeople who did work for him.
  • It is also well documented that Mr. Trump has used and abused the Presidency to illicitly make money from the office.
  • Trump has consistently refused to reveal his income tax records. His excuse that he is under audit is no excuse at all as confirmed by the IRS.
  • President Trump is an inveterate liar. As tallied by the Washington Post, the man recently surpassed the 10,000 mark in lies during his tenure.
  • If you have any doubt about Mr. Trump’s narcissism, take the following test and answer as if you were him: If you’re being honest, the results will reveal a person who is 100% narcissistic, someone who is an outlier within the realm of normal human behavior.
  • As President, Donald Trump claims to serve the interests of the average American when, in fact, just about anything he does serves only the interests of the nation’s wealthy. His much-touted tax cut did little for middle or working class Americans yet they continue to support him.

If all that doesn’t convince you to open your eyes and turf The Donald then consider this final fact: When it comes to golf, Trump is a champion cheater as documented by Rick Reilly in his recent book Commander in Cheat. You wouldn’t tolerate such behavior in a friend so why would you condone it in your President?

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