Comic Relief: Top 10 Earthquake Resolutions

The Top 10 changes I’ll make – also known as my “Earthquake Resolutions”:

Earthquake Resolutions

Having a wake-up call like a couple of earthquakes in California has given me a new perspective, and while waiting for the other shoe to drop, here are the Top 10 changes I’ll make – my “Earthquake Resolutions”:

10.  Have that Cheesecake!

9.  Don’t buy Green Bananas!

8.  Get Fries with that! And everything!

7.  Get a United Van Lines Quote!

6.  Don’t sleep in the nude anymore!

5.  You know – Making Your Bed is so overrated!

4.  Un-organize my Sock Drawer!

 3.  Change Religions – this one’s not working!

2.  Thank Trump for his Service!

And #1  What the heck – sleep with that ugly guy on the Dating Site!

Earthquake Resolutions

Marilyn Sands