Quid Pro Quo: a Poem

quid pro quo chopper talkHe thought it was a “perfect” trade
A “favor” for our U.S. aid,
A common method to persuade,
The way our foreign policy’s made.

You can’t expect that Trump would know
The meaning of words quid pro quo
And understand that the word “though”
Was quid pro quo definito.

He’s no Latin language master,
His simple English a disaster:
Remember in his obfuscation,
“Oranges” of investigation.

But there was rogue diplomacy,
Giuliani‘s task in secrecy,
About which Taylor did assert
Funds did depend on Biden dirt.

Trump claims it was a perfect call
And that there is no case at all.
Are his defenders so obtuse
That they can’t see his power abuse?

Diane de Anda