Here They Come: Those Russian Trolls!

Wow, have you noticed? The have really ramped it up quickly! With Bernie out of the way, the horde of Russian trolls can concentrate all their fire-power on Joe Biden — and, of course, on trolling them libs!
Russian trolls handelsman
Cartoon by Walt Handelsman, regularly featured in the Humor Times monthly, along with lots of other great cartoonists and humor writers.

Yeah, it’s you and me they’re really after, trying to turn us against each other. This was totally predictable, and would’ve happened with Bernie or anyone else, of course.

Unfortunately, and it’s one of many reasons I backed Bernie, I fear Biden is too easy of a target, and is who they wanted for an opponent all along.
However, it’s go time now. All hands on deck to save the country. Don’t let them do to us what they did last time.
The forces behind Trump, autocratic goons looking for world domination at any cost, have shifted into attack mode. We will bear the brunt of a sophisticated and sustained psychological warfare campaign. They will try — and will no doubt succeed to at least some degree — to tear us apart, making the divergent left turn in on itself.
Apparently, there are some who still have not learned anything from letting an arrogant, ignorant, sniveling sociopath into the oval office four years ago. To them I say, wake the f*ck up. The #1 goal has not changed. If we don’t get the lunatic out by November, you can kiss your democracy goodbye.
And with it, any chance of ever electing anyone like Bernie Sanders in the future.
James Israel
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