Trump and the Coronavirus Charade

Donald Trump takes his coronavirus charade to new levels.

By Abdul Khakee

The US President Donald Trump’s coronavirus charade during this crisis has drawn considerable international interest.

coronavirus charade
Trump continues his coronavirus charade, originally having thought that it had something to do with the Crown.

Donald Trump has contended that he knew that Corona (COVID-19) was pandemic before anyone else knew that it was a Pandemic!

Our narrative shows something else…

It was vice president Mike Pence who heard on the Baptist Broadcasting Station that Corona had reached the USA. He went to the President and said “Mr. President, Corona has reached the United States.”

Mr. Trump thought that it had something to do with the Crown. Obsessed as he has been with the British Royal Family, he retorted “Mike, as the best president the US has ever had, I should be most entitled to be bestowed with Corona.”

Servile as Mr. Pence is towards the President, he replied “Mr. President, you would be the worthiest candidate for the Corona.”

Donald Trump has claimed that his government has succeeded in managing the Corona crises. At the same time USA is experiencing the largest spread of the virus. In fact, what Mr. Trump has done is to divert attention by various charades that can broadly be bracketed in five sets:

  • Denial and connivance — “The coronavirus is not so serious.” “Everything is under control.”
  • Conspiracy and accusations — “It is a foreign virus. It is actually a Chinese one! WHO works in collusion with the Chinese Government?”
  • Sanctimoniousness and self-righteousness — “The US has ample capacity for mass testing.” “I have managed to control the virus spread.”
  • Quackery and charlatanry — “Anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine works on the virus.” “People can cleanse their lungs by drinking bleach and other disinfectants!”
  • Provocation and violence incitement — “Invade the offices state governors who are carrying out restrictive corona strategy!” “Open the economy or else let armed people fight those who try to curb the virus spread.”

All these charades to show Mr. Trump’s ignorance, indifference and insensitivity .

The US is the most afflicted country among the Corona victims. As the death toll increases, Donald Trump is doing everything to deflect attention from actually handling the pandemic in a proper way. The TV scenes from New York and elsewhere in the US show thousands of doctors, nurse and other medical personnel doing their utmost with a minimum of protective equipment. The question is how come that Mr. Trump be so insensitive and indifferent to these scenes?

The answer can be found in the bestselling work on transactional analysis by Dr. Thomas A. Harris (I’m OK — You’re OK) from the 1960s. The neurotic personality that best suits Mr. Trump is a “child-contaminated adult with a blocked-out parent.” Dr. Harris describes “Such a person does not have available to his current transactions any tapes which supply data having to do with social control, appropriate “shoulds” and “should nots,” cultural norms, or what, in one sense, can be referred to as conscience. His behavior is dominated by his Child which, through contaminated Adult. manipulates other people to his own ends… the consequences he is concerned with have to do with whether or not he will be caught, and seldom contain elements of concern for others.”

A “child-contaminated adult with a blocked-out parent” presides over the current Corona crisis in the US. It has been disastrous for the people of the United States. Time to end President Trump’s road to destruction!

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