Will Trump Ace This Next Cognitive Test? Top Ten

cognitive test

The first Cognitive Test was a walk in the park for this stable genius, but can he ace this one?

It’s been rumored that Donald Trump did take a Cognitive Test during his first term, but with easy questions like:

Can you identify a Camel.  Draw a clock.  Draw an X over the Cat.

(It has to be on the up & up – I heard William Barr hand-carried the test results to Congress & Dr. Ronny Jackson took Trump’s height, weight & skin color swatches!)

But those easy tasks don’t really line up with the pathological symptoms we’ve been observing with our own eyes & ears for 3 years, 7 months, 4 days & too many agonizing minutes!  So here’s a better set of questions I want him to answer on a test:

10.  How much is the going rate to take a college SAT Test?

9.  How in the hell did you come up with the amount $130,000?

8.  When did you say ‘Someday Melania’s going to sort of just disappear’?

7.  Who is your favorite relative… Grandma, Grandpa or Mary Trump?

6.  When you see a Ramp, do you…
Break out in a cold sweat. 
Call in the Army Reserves. 
Or Crawl like a baby?

5.  The hardest thing about being President is…
Keeping your finger off the RED Button. 
Getting a Tee Time.
Or Closing an Umbrella?

4. After you take this new test, what do you hope there will be…
A Cookie. 
Money changing hands. 
Or Applause for Bowel Movements?

3.  If you end up in prison, who would you want on your back?
Michael Flynn. 
Paul Manafort. 
Or Roger Stone?

2.  If you win, what will be the main focus of your second Term?
Showing your new VP the Bunker. 
Practice drinking water. 
Or Quit Twitter & take up Piano?

cognitive test

And, #1… After sex, whose name do you call out? Wife 1, 2, 3 or Yours?

Marilyn Sands