The Truth Shall Make You Flee

In the Trump administration, honesty is the worst policy.

The media are just so unfair to President Trump, it’s not even funny. On June 22, he tweeted that the 2020 election will be “the scandal of our times.” How clairvoyant can you get? Now he predicts (as did Attorney General Barr) that the entire election will be rigged. Once again, the President is sure to be a prophet, albeit singularly without honor. How can anyone accuse Trump of lying, when all he does is to sell the truth? Why should he have any regrets about killing hundreds of thousands of people, both at home and abroad, when that is the best if not the only way for him (and his corporate cronies) to get richer even quicker, by removing expendable labor to make the business world safe for global capital? Why shouldn’t he blame the “China virus” for our woes, so he can raise tariffs on imported goods, in direct contradiction to the notion of “free markets,” while making lucrative deals overseas, on the sly? Why not use his partners as scapegoats, while we die in hospitals, on battlefields, and on the streets? The whole point of propaganda is to pull the wool — if you don’t, how can you put bags over our heads? Why rule at all, unless you level with people while leveling them, until your killing field is horizontal? As our first Postmaster General said, in a moment of franklinness, honesty is the worst policy. Ain’t that the truth? When you vote for Armageddon in November, don’t bother to “mail it in” — it’s already been putt through the 3rd tee. How green the deal is.

Dennis Rohatyn
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