A Murder of Crows, Etc.

Animal groups get names like “murder of crows” — what if we did the same for humans?

murder of crows
A murder of crows. By Irene Stylianou from Nicosia, Cyprus.

Animal groups often receive exotic names, such as a pride of lions, a murder of crows, a leap of lizards, and a congregation of alligators. Why can’t we do the same for groupings of humans? Consider the following recommendations:

  • A pride of politicians
  • A murder of Edgar finalists
  • A leap of gymnasts
  • A gossip of adolescent girls
  • An acne of adolescent boys
  • A siren of firefighters
  • A hover of pilots
  • An applause of one-armed Zen masters
  • A kvelling of Jewish grandparents
  • A kant of philosophers
  • A hegel of dialectical idealists
  • A kabob of chefs
  • A groucho of stand-up comics
  • A cuspid of dentists
  • A bicuspid of dental hygienists
  • A cacophony of musicians
  • A waiver of doctors
  • A screeching of lawyers
Howard Zaharoff