The Firsts in History… According to My Diary!

Eden had a lot of firsts.

The First in the series of Satirical Firsts that you won’t find in the history books!

Firsts you won’t find in history books:

1.  The First Virgin: Eve

2.  The First Dating Site: Eden

3.  The First ‘Swipe Left’: Eden

4.  The First Emmy Show Host: Moses (10 Categories)

5.  The First Emmy ‘Category Revolt’: Hecklerville 

6.  The First Bank: Bank of Sheckels

7.  The First Comic: Shecky of Bethlehem

8.  The First Selfie: Shemp diddling 

9.  The First iPhone: Morty babbling to himself

10. The First Big Box Store: Amazon & Roebucks 

11. The First Library Book: The Bible

12. The First One Who Checked It Out for Loopholes: Bernie of Hialeah

13. And… The First 2 Women TV Hosts Testing Positive for ‘Gesundheit’: Gladys & Syphilia!



Marilyn Sands