Mouseguest: A Poem


MouseguestCome Dear Mouse be our guest
And may your weary head find rest

Not upon our little bed
But out in the garage instead

I think you’ll find it dry and warm
Away from any danger, harm

No dogs to get in your sweet face
No cats to give you mortal chase

Lint on the floor that’s layers deep
Will make a nest in which to sleep

The faucet perched above the sink
Stores drops of water you can drink

The clock aloft doth hourly chime
And you should really watch the time

For when the clock hands turn to five
It’s time for you to look alive

Brush your whiskers, smooth your fur
Clean your hands, put on a moniker

Rehearse your Wagner and Chopin
Lines from Ibsen’s “Tragic Man”

We’d like you to come in and dine
We think you’ll find the food quite fine

And in return we’d like to hear
Of all your travels far and near

Your forebears listened in on kings
And heard about important things

They ate scraps that fell at the feet
Of royalty, the wealthy, the elite

In Egypt they saw pyramids rise
In China were honored by the wise

Heard the reasons why Rome did fall
King Arthur’s words in Yorkshire Hall

As Luther penned his own translations
They heard his nightly dissertations

Your micy great-great-grandparents
Sailed with Columbus, and other gents

They listened in to freedom’s knell
Climbed the rope of the Liberty Bell

They lived with men down and out
What was life with them about?

Around the Senate coffeeshop
Gathered there to eavesdrop

They must have seen Hoffa depart
What happened to Amelia Earhart

In animal quarters over the land
Life was heard under human hand

We’d like to honor you our guest
Put all that mouseicide to rest

For your ears have heard quite a lot
The whys and wheres and what not

If you can any. any tales recall
Please share with us, one and all

Jerry Robbins
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