Religious Neologisms

Newly coined religious expressions / neologisms!

Circumscribe: Circumcision applied to the Jewish order of scribes.

Religious Neologisms, Proteus
Valentine rescuing Sylvia from Proteus. By William Holman Hunt.

Protestantism: An ecological movement founded by the Greek God, Proteus.

The “Rappture”: Musical gathering featuring recent songs mostly by black artists.

Excommunicate: When a spouse calls up his former wife (husband).

Purgatory: School for people with eating disorders.

Ninevites: A biblical baseball team of nine players.

Hyssop: What you say to children to make them quiet down.

Transcendentalism: Beyond the need for work on one’s teeth.

Supererogation: Excessive irrigation of the ears in order to improve hearing.

OOOOOHHHHMMMMM: The chant of devotes when eating a fudge sunday.

Order for the Blessing of a Cemetery: A ceremony for grave matters.

Conversion: The opposite of the pro version of an issue.

Hosea: How a revivalist sings, i.e., “Hosea can you seea by the dawn’s…”

Fast: The way some people want to get to heaven.

Monotheism: A theology with bad blood.

Orthodox: Physicians who deal with skeletal problems.

Fundamentalism: Money for research on brain activity

Vestments: One way to tie up y’alls money.

Horeb: Friendly greeting extended to a Confederate soldier.

Myth: How a person with a lisp addresses a woman, e.g., “Myth Davith, would…”

Monism: Groaning brought on by reading too many neologisms.

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