Giulaini: ‘Nothing to See Here, Just a 2nd Trump Tower Meeting’

It doesn’t count, says Rudy, because it wasn’t in Trump Tower!

Not Trump Tower

Rudy explained, ‘Okay, it wasn’t held in the cushy New York Trump Tower – but in New Jersey’s Howard Johnson Bingo/Bunko/Banquet Room with Eric Trump presiding.’

‘Folks, you didn’t hear about this caper because it was the same day as Don Jr.’s adoption meeting & the Press was so busy figuring out how to spell frigin’ Natalia Veselnitskaya – they didn’t pick up on the story’!

‘And, remember – there was much confusion at that meeting; there were people in the room & of them were named Jared’!  

‘And, not one was a Kushner, I might add’!

‘It was only sibling rivalry; happens in every family – Cain & Abel stuff.  Nobody talks about their Big Game Safari mishap in Zimbabwe where his brother yelled ‘No, my eyes are fine – you shoulda wore Orange’!

‘And, by the way, Eric never told his father, ‘When they’re licking Ice Cream; you can sell them anything – grab ’em by the Rubles – you can do anything’!

‘But the competition is so fierce, Eric couldn’t wait to hit his father with his big idea for the ad campaign –


‘But, Trump was not amused, ‘Ben & Jerry’s kid could do better than that’!

‘But, you’ve got to give Eric some credit.  He did get Russians to get off a Jersey Exit promising 28 Flavors & the chance to bid on franchises in their country even though Howie Johnson sold his last buttery ‘Frankfort’ Roll in 2017! 

See, he’s just a kid; tryin’ to be like daddy’!

‘And, I want to clear something up right here – Trump did not tell Eric, ‘If it weren’t for me – you’d be scooping Sprinkles at Pinkberry…’we have all the funding we need out of Russia’, you Putz’!

‘Maybe he thought it; but he never said it – Kids… I’ve got a couple myself’!

‘So, you really can’t believe any of little Eric’s quotes, okay?  He  would never get in Trump’s face & say,

‘Pop, this is Money – who knew Russians would go bat crazy for ‘Caramel-Comey Nutjob’ & ‘Double-Dippity Dossier’!

‘No Siree & you can quote me on this, ‘The Russians just go with Vanilla & I’m not sure that’s even a crime’!

Marilyn Sands