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Jan 242014
 By , January 24, 2014

Take the Boomer Tunes Pop Quiz If you’re a Boomer, your brain is teaming with decades-old Pop tunes that you just can’t forget. The real reason you can never remember where you put your keys? Too many of your brain cells are clinging to every [more…]

Oct 212013
 By , October 21, 2013
Fun With Boomer Barbie!

Boomers who grew up playing with Barbie need an updated version If you’re a girl and you’re a Boomer, one thing is certain — you grew up playing with Barbies. Whether you lived in a mansion or in a trailer, you spent hours as a [more…]

Mar 092013
 By , March 9, 2013
Baby Boomers See the Bright Sides of Extreme Maturity

Focus on the upside, Boomers: We’re not old, we’re vintage Some fancy-dancy public-policy think-tank just released a brand-new study that speculates the legion of aging baby boomers will permanently redefine retirement. Mainly because so few of us will be able to afford to retire. “Uh, [more…]

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