Witch Hunt Finally Succeeds

New York criminal tax fraud jury finds Trump organization guilty on all counts: Donald’s long-feared “witch hunt” hits home.

The Daily Beast reports that a Manhattan jury has convicted the Trump Organization of multiple counts of tax fraud and conspiracy over its use of perks such as cars and tuition, to skirt taxable salary payments to a number of its employees, including CFO Allen Weisselberg and Controller Jeffrey McConney. The organization faces $1.6 million in fines.

Witch hunt leads to this lair
Witch hunt leads to this lair. Image source: Wikimedia Commons.

Naturally, Donald Trump is calling this verdict just another “witch hunt.” No kidding, and from the looks of it, that New York jury — has just found their “witch.” I mean, there has to be a point when there are so many “witch hunts” going on, that one can only conclude that Trump is either a crook, or he’s actually a witch. I mean, this verdict wasn’t about some employee just grabbing $100 dollars from the petty cash drawer.

Not surprisingly, and in response to the verdict, Trump’s lawyers vowed to appeal — all the way up to H&R Block if necessary. Meanwhile, on his Truth Social platform, Donald is having his usual “Trumper-tantrum,” claiming “This is all a setup. Everyone knows I had nothing to do with the ‘Trump Organization.’ Its just a completely made-up company, being run right out of Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

So, its obvious that Trump has set CFO Allen Weisselberg and Controller Jeffrey McConney up as the “fall guys” for his company’s crimes. This raises the question, why would anyone like Weisselberg or McConney ever wanna work for a guy like Trump, knowing if things ever go south, they’ll be the ones who get the blame? Well, the answer to that is quite simple. High-level Trump employees are kind of like flies, drawn to Trump’s massive pile of fresh shit!

Of course, news of this verdict doesn’t even exist for most Fox News viewers. Not that it would matter, anyway. Hell, Trump could perform an abortion on 5th Ave, and never lose a single Evangelical vote. That said, the few MAGA cultists who do occasionally consume legitimate news sources are complaining that “This is horrible! They’re treating Trump like he’s a common criminal.” Well, no — not exactly Trumpers! What’s actually “horrible,” is the fact they’re NOT treating Trump — like he’s a “common criminal.”

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