[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

Romney Calls Foul on Choice of First Presidential Debate Moderator, Katie Couric

While it hasn’t been officially announced, the Romney camp claims that they have been told by unconfirmed sources that the moderator for the first Presidential Debate set to air on October 3, 2012 will be Katie Couric.

Romney Calls Foul on Choice of First Presidential Debate Moderator Katie Couric
Katie Couric: Known in Republican campaign circles as the “Palin Slayer.”

“Well, it could be worse,” quipped Stuart Stevens, the only optimist on Team Romney. “At least Couric won’t be interviewing Mitt.”

Stevens was referring, of course, to Couric’s infamous interview of Sarah Palin in 2008, right before the Presidential elections. Some say that interview put the nail in the coffin of John McCain’s campaign for President.

“She’s a sneaky snake, that Katie Couric,” said another, less optimistic Romney aide.

“Whoever is responsible for choosing Couric is clearly a Liberal Commie Democrat, and we are going to fight this tooth and nail to see that we get a fair and impartial moderator for the first debate to make sure our boss doesn’t get taken down like Palin.”

The aide was asked who then, if not Couric, would be Mitt Romney’s choice for a moderator. Would it be someone they thought could conduct a fair debate, or just one where Romney doesn’t come off looking like a complete fool? The aide replied, “Um, all of ’em, any of ’em that, um, have, have been moderating over all these years…”