THE MOUSE Has His Revenge

The Mouse has had enough

Within his realm, The Mouse would be inscribed THE MOUSE, but here on this satire site we are safe from his surveillance and what could be misconstrued as a sign of disrespect.

The MouseAt least for now, that is.

For years The Mouse has watched as young upstarts have corroded the Empire that he and his Master have so carefully and painstakingly put together.

It is frustrating and humiliating.

The Mouse doesn’t like to be frustrated and humiliated. Very much so.

Especially since the upstarts are women. Young women. Good looking women. Women who have garnered enough wealth and power to almost be a threat to him.

Almost. But not enough.

The Mouse has enough authority and backing to bring them all down. And he will.

And he has the collected talent and wisdom that comes with age, power and connections to do that.

And he will.

It was bad enough when the first left his flock and began her wanton ways. It was a mockery of all that he had stood for. He had nurtured her. He had taken care and fledged her. He had built her up to what she was.

The Mouse, Darth Vader Mickey MouseThen when she came of age to leave The Cult, she threw it all back in his face. She became trashy, vulgar, lewd. She rode a popular wave that mocked all he had stood for, throwing away all the charms, chastity, decency and wholesomeness that he had ingrained in her.

And so did the others, all in like fashion.

The Mouse could take it no more. The first was bad enough, but now there has been a third traitor to turn on him, and it was too much to endure any further.

The first two had been close disciples; so close they had been allowed to wear The Ears (THE EARS as they are referred to within THE CULT). The third and most traitorous, had been given her own platform which she had faithfully fulfilled, then turned into the lewdest of the snakes.

Many years before there had been another who had gotten older to where The Ears could no longer be worn, but she had left gracefully. She too went on to greater wealth and fame, but she had not forgotten the virtues The Mouse had instilled in her. Although she too inspired love and lust in many; she retained the wholesomeness that had first brought her to the public’s eyes. The Mouse sorely missed Annette Funicello. When she recently expired tears of genuine loss fell from his large, globular eyes and down his snout. She was gone from him forever and the world of The Cult would never see another like her. Especially with the sluts they were producing these days.

Spears was the first to foul the nest he had made. She too a one innocent child, one with a beautiful voice and an angels face, soon to show her dark side (and parts of her body The Mouse always demanded be well covered). She fell into the downward spiral of trash spectacle, yet always managed to return and be forgiven by the public.

Then came Christina Aguilera who also had the qualifications The Mouse demanded, and too went over to the Dark Side of the entertainment world.

The mold was now set, another soon filled it.

Miley Cyrus, born already of a rich entertainer, became the worst of all of them. A special protege, given her own medium, upon maturity became a whore to the screen.

But The Mouse now holds the cards. He knows them. He knows their weaknesses. Time is on his side, and he knows they are not wary.

For Cyrus, a wrecking ball filled with dry ice.

For Aguilera, poison in the peroxide.

For Spears, underwear that will stranglingly shrink as she gyrates.

Horrible demises all of them; ones that the Master would never have approved of.

But one must change with the times, shouldn’t one?

Or else eliminate those who are changing, n’est-ce pas?

Roger Freed