Blame Game: The All American Sport (a Poem)

The Blame Game: It’s how we roll


Iraq is afire as ISIS runs wild

Inducing a flood of political bile

ISIS, blame gameLacking ideas to put out the flame

Pols look to finger someone to blame


Obama’s at fault, intones the far right

He shouldn’t have taken us out of the fight

Young Bush is the one, bawl lefty brigades

Iraq was contained ’til he chose to invade

The culprit’s Bush I, mad neocons shout

‘stead of sacking Bagdad, he simply wimped out

Graying Dems do aver it was fear of Iran

That induced sly Reagan to succor Saddam


So, while the airways reek with invective

We have to decide which path is corrective

Shrug as our common bond gets dismembered

Or vote out the gasbags come this November


Rick Blum