Presidential Politics 2016: By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them

Welcome to the nationwide mud wrestling match that passes for presidential politics in 2016.

There is a proverb by Christ (no, this ain’t going to be a religious sermon) where he says “By their fruits shall ye know them.” A more modern and somewhat similar way of saying it is, “Actions speak louder than words.” Not quite as pious and from an unknown source, but it gets the message across.

presidential politics in 2016

This can be applied to our present Presidential election (see, I said it wasn’t going to be religious). In fact it applies to any election anywhere in the world, but we being self-centered Americans are only interested in our own affairs so lets keep it at our present nationwide mud wrestling match.

On the Republican side of things Trump can make whatever outrageous claims he wants but he still comes down to an individual who can only get ahead by caustically demeaning those who oppose him. No matter how much people may dislike Obama and Mrs. Clinton, one would need to be blind in one eye not to see that they have done many things in their careers that were positive and constructive, especially Obama. Trump is blind in both eyes. He can say nothing positive about any of their ideas and actions and goes out of his way to paint them in as negative a light as possible. His latest claim that they started ISIS is so far off the charts that it should be added to the Grimm’s Fairy Tale collection.

Look at what Trump specializes in – building casinos whose whole economic foundation is bilking people out of their money. That is how gambling joints operate; the only one who really wins at them is the guy who owns the place. It is based upon nothing more solid than the illusion of getting something for nothing. A big sleight of hand operation. Is this going to be the economic basis for his “making America great again”? To turn the U.S. into a massive sized Monte Carlo with himself established as its Prince? To bring up another poignant Jesus phrase, “We should not build our houses upon sand.”

Look at the monstrous sums of money being spent on this election by both sides. Millions of dollars essentially spewed out trying to convince voters to come over to their way of seeing things. Basically a big boxing match using words. This waste of money on both sides is indicative of how they will handle our money once they are in control of the big pilot’s seat. Either one of their administrations is going to have their hands down our pockets feeling around for loose change.

Hillary’s fruits are summed up in this – giving three speeches for $675,000 dollars to Goldman Sachs. The same Goldman who Sached (the spelling is correct) the economy in 2008. For those freshly born at that time it was when the Second Great Depression started which has been given the softer and more economically friendly name of the Great Recession. That isn’t as scary sounding. And she definitely ain’t going after the big guys who so soundly trashed our economy eight years ago.

Why would Goldman pay her so much money for some hot air? Because they want her in their pocket while she is rummaging ours.

A second big bloop on her part was going along with the crowd when Bush the Second decided that it was OK to attack Iraq even though they had nothing to do with 911. That showed a lack of courage and/or of knowledge on her part.

I won’t get into the Libya email gaga because had it been a Republican there in power who had done the same thing it would have already blown over long ago. The right wingers just would have said “Shi’ite happens!” and left it at that. All this unending business about it is just the rightists blowing the dying embers of the situation trying to start another witch burning.

Donald’s fruits are these: A knee jerk response to anyone who criticizes him, any sort of made up story against opponents to get people to applaud him, a lot of money spent on a campaign full of noxious gas, and a new standard of politicizing that says anything goes and all is fair in love, war and politics, the last of which is a mixture of the first two.

The new American political field looks more like a Rio Carnival as it parades along.

Roger Freed