Poker Faced Sean Spicer’s Tells

Sean Spicer thinks he uses his poker face well, but here we reveal his ‘tells.’

Sean Spicer — you gotta love him. Defending an acting president takes more than balls, it takes unflappable bowels and liquor — lots of it!

A sense of humor couldn’t hurt, but he just comes back day-after-day to that firing squad, hoping to get a question that doesn’t cause him to itch, twitch, squirm, stutter, sweat, fart or tell the real truth!

But he’s giving me “Dental!”

Sean SpicerNo, Jared did not tip Uber with a ruble!

Way in the back — Zanzabar Press!

Donald get off the ledge!

Sometimes I just wanna wring his neck!

We have 4 solutions. Period!

You know I’m lying, don’t you?

Sean SpicerThey’re not buying it, boss!

“America First, Russia Second”!

You mean Russia can hurt us?

Nunes? Never heard of him — must be an intern!

Damn, my lactose just kicked in!

Yes, Father — 2 Hail Marys & see you on the 9th hole at Mar-a-Lago!

Marilyn Sands