Poker Faced Sean Spicer’s Tells

Sean Spicer thinks he uses his poker face well, but here we reveal his ‘tells.’

Sean Spicer — you gotta love him. Defending an acting president takes more than balls, it takes unflappable bowels and liquor — lots of it!

A sense of humor couldn’t hurt, but he just comes back day-after-day to that firing squad, hoping to get a question that doesn’t cause him to itch, twitch, squirm, stutter, sweat, fart or tell the real truth!

But he’s giving me “Dental!”

Sean SpicerNo, Jared did not tip Uber with a ruble!

Way in the back — Zanzabar Press!

Donald get off the ledge!

Sometimes I just wanna wring his neck!

We have 4 solutions. Period!

You know I’m lying, don’t you?

Sean SpicerThey’re not buying it, boss!

“America First, Russia Second”!

You mean Russia can hurt us?

Nunes? Never heard of him — must be an intern!

Damn, my lactose just kicked in!

Yes, Father — 2 Hail Marys & see you on the 9th hole at Mar-a-Lago!

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Marilyn Sands

Marilyn Sands

Marilyn Sands is a former 80's Stand-Up Comic & Comic Booker. Sold Jokes to Joan Rivers & lesser lights. A Contributor to "Humor Times Magazine" while pitching her 2 Madcap Screenplays & a Stage Play about the 1st Off-Line Dating Site, 'Eden' where Adam & Eve get busy! Proud to announce her new book, "CAN YOU PEE OUTDOORS" On-Line Dating Straight Lines can be purchased now in Paperback & very soon as an ebook on It's for anyone who's ever been Single! And, she says, "If this piece of literature happens to turn up in your John as Toilet Humor - so be it. Who am I kidding - with a Title like I have - I wouldn't be surprised"!