No Nunes is Good Nunes!

Devin Nunes, Duddley Do-Right

Devin Nunes surprises his wife, coming home after he stepped down from his position in the Russia probe.

Coming home in the middle of the day, Devin Nunes, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, surprises his wife after he stepped down from his position in the Russia probe with the House Ethics Committee, due to conflict of interest and bad lying techniques — even Agatha Christie said WTF!

Devin Nunes: Honey, I’m home!

The Mrs: Are you sick, sweetie?

Devin Nunes

Nunes: No, just a few sniffles.  What can I do — unclog the gutters, roast a leg a lamb, put up the Christmas tree?

The Mrs: It’s April, sweetheart.

Nunes: How would I know — the White House doesn’t have calendars or log-in sheets!

The Mrs: Will you still personally wiretap each Easter egg for the big roll?

Nunes: That’s still a go.

The Mrs: How about little Devin’s playdates with Barron?

Nunes: Well…

The Mrs: I hope so — he’s on the way over.

Nunes: Text him and say — don’t mention my nickname “Daddy Do-right.”

The Mrs: Okay but there’s something you can do — pick up your Boy Scout uniform at the Cleaners.

Nunes: Aw — could you do that — they always pester me for stories on my badges and medals.

The Mrs: You mean falling on a grenade at the White House?

Nunes: No, not that one.  3rd place for “Espionage-Lite!”






The Mrs: Aw honey, I still love you — not everyone can get “Dupe of the day!”

Devin Nunes






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