Trump’s Lawyers’ Lament: A Poem

Trump’s Lawyers’ Lament

The Donald Trump by DonkeyHotey
The Donald, art by DonkeyHotey,

Comey said just what they thought.
It came as no surprise.
“But do not tweet no matter what,”
his lawyers did advise.

So junior was the surrogate,
who rolled out all the tweets
as more news spread of Russiagate
across the nation’s streets.

The lawyer got the dates all wrong
And said it was a lie.
Then sang Trump’s old familiar song:
Deny, Deny, Deny.

But Trump could not control his thumb;
it raced across his phone.
The lawyers’ cried, “Is he that dumb?
Do not leave him alone.”

“He’s ruined chances for his plan
With every foolish tweet.
By calling it a travel ban
He sealed his own defeat.”

But evidence behind closed doors
is nothing he can spin,
so that the truth that he abhors
at last may do him in.

If Trump will finally be undone
and all his stories moot,
will he then try to make a run
or wear a new jumpsuit?

Diane de Anda