Trump’s Military Parade: A Poem

The real reason the military parade was canceled

Trump’s Military Parade

Military ParadeTrump dreamt of troops in his parade,
Saluting him from each brigade.
Since he did defer–
His wound a bone spur,
It was a Draft Dodger’s Charade.

The hero that’s true was Mc Cain
Who suffered through torture and pain.
“There was pain on my part–
Had to use a golf cart,”
Trump complained of the golf course terrain.

The parade was Trump’s loud horn to toot,
With a twenty-one gun salute.
But what gave him a scare?
If his past they’re aware,
Which direction would they all shoot?

Still pomp had so great an appeal,
He was willing to make a deal.
So that he could sit
And not chance a hit,
He’d borrow the pope’s pope mobile.

Yet more fears this plan did evoke
Of Powers that he could provoke.
As merely a touch
of crosses and such,
He’d dissolve in a big puff of smoke.

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Diane de Anda

Diane de Anda

Diane de Anda is a third generation Latina and retired UCLA professor. Tired of cranking out technical articles in a "publish or perish" atmosphere, she now spends most of her time writing adult fiction, children's books, parody, and satire. Her weapon of choice is the limerick, aimed with humor and a touch of malice at society's icons, celebrities, politicians, and other irritating folk.