America’s Colonic Cleansing Après Trump

Colonic Cleansing
Monty Python

Rubbery-legged & wobbly like newly hatched chicks; out we’ll come into a brand new world free of Trump, Inc.

There will be that time; I promise you.  Maybe not today.  Maybe not tomorrow; but soon.

No, it won’t be long – last night I dreamt it was over; Trump confessed & saved us years of litigation.

Then I woke up, opened the L.A. Times & it said, ‘Trump Took Away Pence’s Security Clearance’…sigh.

Still looking to shock & distract – I wouldn’t be surprised if he  hides Ivanka next & says she was kidnapped.  That’ll set Mueller back a year or two while she’s polishing her nails in a penthouse in Abu Dhabi!

But when that glory day comes; in the privacy of our own home & at exactly 12 noon; we’ll all do what I call: Collective Colonic Cleansing.

The way I see it, it’ll be a 2 way street; ridding ourselves of toxic crap from both ends – what a glorious sight; well – if you take away the visuals!  ha ha

And, c’mon – we all know we always feel better when we finally purge & this will be no different.  Who knows; when all is said & done – some of us may even have the impetus to vote Independent!

‘Clean as a whistle’ is what I’m talkin’ about – for every lie, idiotic tweet & phony-baloney signed Proclamation!

But there’s one thing for sure – après Trump, you & I will take no prisoners; not anymore.

We have seen the worst & as President George W. succinctly put it: ‘Fool me once – shame on – shame on you.  Fool me – you can’t get fooled again’!

As the Funeral Director whispered at lovable 200 year old Abe Vagota’s Wake – ‘Let’s talk on the other side’!