Top 10 Positive Things Trump Did for Americans on Nov. 6th

Top 10 Positive Things

Top 10 Positive Things Trump Did on Election Day…

10 and only 10…

10. Got us all out of the house on a freakin’ Tuesday!

9. Got Bill Maher & agnostics to church, synagogues & mosques to pray!

8. Seniors ran out to the polls without their walkers!

7. The blind led the blind!

6. It stopped raining in Seattle!

5. Rudy Giuliani came out of hiding in Juarez to vote!

4. Hermits, recluses & agoraphobics went out for the 1st time!

3. Michael Cohen took a bullet for Stephen Colbert!

2. Sarah Huckabee Sanders made an appointment for a rhinoplasty!

Top 10 Positive Things

And, the #1 thing Donald Trump did for Americans on November 6th…

The White House Thanksgiving Turkey pardoned himself!

Top 10 Positive Things

Marilyn Sands