Trump Loots America: Before the Fall

Trump Loots America

Trump, Bezos

Jeff Bezos: ‘Trump can go to hell & yes, Free Shipping!’

Back in the 90’s, while living in my hometown of Maryland, I was pushing a grocery cart in the passing lane doing a big weekly shop.

Trump Loots America

With my cart half full – suddenly all the lights went out & it was black on black.

There was silence & then murmurs; rolling from one aisle to the next like a chorus gaining momentum.

Then, for one brief moment – my mind went into an even darker place; I could take whatever & who would know?

Did I say – I mean anyone.  Hee hee

But, the mind works in mysterious ways & found myself outside the store into the light of the honorable – scratching my head, leaving my carefully chosen groceries behind.

That’s called a conscience & keeps most of us honest & out of the government.  I mean, hoosegow.

Trump Loots America

Today, it occurred to me, Donald Trump may be doing the opposite – gathering the spoils to add to his alleged overflowing larder.

When I say ‘loot’ – I also mean bringing down people he hates & right those who have wronged him – like Amazon/Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos.  Why?  He may have a nickel more than Trump says he has!  (not to mention – jealous of his new d**k pics)

Trump Loots America

I figure Trump & his family had over 2 years to do the dirty, plus the 18 month campaign-branding-circus & the opportunity to move money from one Russian Laundromat to the Cayman’s, to the Swiss Alps & thru Melania’s legs – making its way into Trump’s fur-lined pocket.

I don’t have confirmation on the legs part yet; but I’ll get back to you.

But, you’ve got to admit, it’s very exciting to be a thief at the highest level – after all, Trump accomplished the ultimate & needs to reward himself – he even told a Goldstar Family he made a sacrifice giving up the good life.

With not too many options left – the pickings are his to take in the interim; shaking every piggy bank from franc to ruble – playing no favorites – as it all comes out in the off shore wash.

Here at home, he’s like a dog with a boner:  ‘I’m asking all the government agencies for loose change so I can build the wall’.

Tony Schwartz, co-writer of “The Art of the Deal” & star witness to Trump’s ticks & flaws; predicts Trump will resign & with his usual spin; turn defeat into a victory.  A little late for ‘you can’t fire me – I quit’ but still protecting his tail feathers.

So, there you have it – a bunch of hunches & so far no sound of handcuffs clicking!

Trump may simply do what I did when leaving my old Gov’t clerical job – took pens & paper clips & never looked back!

As for today & my sticky fingers conundrum – now when I grocery shop I’m like a Neanderthal hunter & gatherer – I grab & run.

And, of course, pay for it!

Marilyn Sands