Could Donald Trump Be a Flight Risk?

If Trump runs away for a little thing like Congressional hearings, is he a flight risk when Mueller submits his report?

flight risk

Am I the only one who thinks it’s a coincidence that Trump left for Vietnam as Michael Cohen was to testify before Congress?

Heck, I want his Travel Agent!

I have a friggin’ Spectrum bill past due!

If Trump runs away for a little thing like hearing he’s a Racist, a Con & a Cheater – what’s he gonna do when Mueller lets loose his report?

And, how about the cost of this boondoggle – what could’ve possibly been unsaid on Trump’s 1st Summit

Kim’s Barber has an Opening?

flight risk

As usual, Mike Pence was in the dark & said, ‘I know it was sudden – but I think it was something about an Egg Roll Fix or having a yen for Won’!

Melania said she’s not jealous of Donald’s PDA with Kim – ‘just don’t come home with Duck Sauce on your Tie’!

Geez, no wonder Trump gets away with murder – she’s so forgiving! 

But, it wasn’t just the art of the deal that was a disaster – both Translators got into the Cooking Sake & could barely stand. 

When Trump told Kim, “I think your country has tremendous economic potential” it came out:

“I’m building a DMZ Trump Tower at the Zone – with complimentary Massage Parlor – ask for Suzie”! 

(Wink, Wink)

And, Kim’s guy screwed up too & translated to Trump:

“The Train and my Jock Strap are Bullet Proof”!

flight risk

Sean Hannity of Fox News was there & of course, switched these translations around!

 Even though Hannity gave Trump the answer; he asked him if he watched Michael Cohen’s testimony today & he said, 

“Where’s my Translator”?

flight risk 

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