The Mueller Testimony Cheat Sheet

Mueller Testimony Cheat Sheet

Word for word – the most guarded answers from the much-ballyhooed Robert Mueller testimony, revealed…

For months Talking Heads warned us that Special Counsel Robert Mueller could go mute or cryptic while under oath & everything is already in his Russia Investigation Report.

So folks, no need to watch Mueller’s subpoena-induced testimony in open session on July 24th!

For one – not only did President Trump already proclaim it ‘Fake News Day’; but through my connections, I have the answers to the first 20 questions!

Don’t think of this as a Spoiler Alert – instead, think of it as a PSA; I’m saving you a couple hours you can never get back.  Not to mention a little bile back-up!







No way.

No Siree.

Hell No.




I’m afraid so.

Definitely not.

Absolutely not.




English Please, Sir!


Stop the comedy shtick, Sir!

Wrong door, Stormy!

Now, Robert – when Attorney General Bill Barr told the world in his Summary Letter:

“We concluded that under the principles of prosecution the evidence developed by the Special Counsel would not be sufficient to charge the President with an Obstruction of Justice offense”…

Robert – did you send Barr a letter back saying:

“The Summary Letter did not fully capture the content, nature & substance of the Office’s work & conclusion”…

And, what did Barr say?

CNN Announcer: “Sorry folks, we’re having trouble with the audio – we’ll ‘take five’ & get Mueller’s answer when we get back!”

Okay, maybe you should watch!

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