New Play Sure to Storm Broadway: ‘Harrison’

This play about the short-lived presidency of William Henry Harrison is expected to be as big as “Hamilton.”

The complete script for the new play that’s soon to make Broadway history: the story of William Henry Harrison, the month-long ninth president of the United States. A story of yesterday and today.

William Henry Harrison
President Harrison, ca. 1800.

Dramatis personae:
William Henry Harrison
Mrs. Harrison
Hubert, the White House butler


MRS. HARRISON: My, that was a long inauguration speech! Father, you’ll catch your death of cold!

HARRISON: Nonsense, Mother! (coughs) We certainly have come a long way from our rustic youth, eh, Mrs. Harrison?

MRS. HARRISON: No more beans for us, Mr. Harrison!

Song: No More Beans

HARRISON: Hubert, some tea, please!

HUBERT: Will that be with your special “medicine,” Mr. President?

MRS. HARRISON: Why, General! Whiskey at this time of day?

HARRISON: It’s good for what ails you, eh, Hubert? (winks)

Song: What Ails You



DOCTOR: I’m afraid the president is dead.

HUBERT: And only after one month!

Song: One Fabled Month



Richard Klin