[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

Are You ‘O Compromised’ In Any Way?

World-respected linguistics scholar breaks down the translations for the latest government and media buzz word, “O Compromised.”

Dispatches from SNN (Slobovian News Service)

Are you or some part of your anatomy “o compromised”? The phenomena began with sick people suddenly becoming “immun-o-compromised” and has spread.

immuno compromisedWorld famous linguistics interpreter and scholar Dr. Sayye Whatte, head of the Obladt Oblada Department at the University of Squidleybhumppo explains: “If you are immunocompromised, it really means that you are sick on the CBS evening news.”

She went on to explain other “o compromised” colloquisms:

  • Trumpocompromised means you’re a Democrat.
  • Pelosiocompromised means you’re a Republican.
  • Financialyocompromised means you’re broke.
  • Sexocompromised means you can’t get a date with Rochelle Wallensky.
  • Bathingocompromised: you stink.
  • Beautyocompromised: you’re ugly as hell.
  • Soberocompromised: you’re drunk.
  • Homocideocompromised: you’re a mass murderer.
  • Fecalocompromised: you shit your pants.
  • Urineocompromised: you peed on yourself.
  • Psycoocompromised: you’re a lunatic.
  • RedSoxocompromised: you’re a Yankees fan.
  • Commonsenseocompromised: you’re in Congress.
  • Respiratoryocompromised: you’re dead.
Ted Holland