New: ‘Satirical Postcards from the Edge of The Swamp’

The new book, “Satirical Postcards from the Edge of The Swamp” is out, and Humor Times readers can get a free copy (eBook version)!

In April 2020, internet marketing & branding experts SpellBrand compiled a list of the world’s 10 most effective newspaper logos and recognized the Humor Times as number 4 among them, behind the New York Times, Delaware Wave, and USA Today, and beating out respectable international titles like the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Financial Times of London, and Houston Chronicle.

Satirical Postcards from the Edge of The Swamp
Satirical Postcards from the Edge of The Swamp.

That’s a cool accomplishment, but diehard purveyors of the Humor Times brand will identify content as the ingredient that’s kept them politically engaged, inspired, informed, and in stitches for three decades, one month at a time. (Besides this website, the Humor Times publishes a monthly printed magazine, also available digitally.)

On the occasion of its 30th Anniversary in April of this year, the Humor Times truly earned its international renowned as the “World’s Funniest News Source.” SpellBrand did not rate Humor Times as a humor mag, but as a newspaper in league with the New York Times where they’ve likewise consistently delivered insightful, intelligent, observations and analyses.

The tongue-in-cheek, incisive humor and satire is this publication’s veneer and its content delivery method. Unquestionably. I offer these accolades to publisher James Israel as a genuine gesture of my admiration for his accomplishment, and also thanking him for honoring my new book by arranging to offer it to all the loyal Humor Times‘ readers who have made his publishing milestone possible.

As we approach this Season of Giving, the Humor Times has made this special edition Satirical Postcards from the Edge of The Swamp in eBook format available to any reader who requests it — absolutely for free. Make your request via the contact form here, and they will send you a link. Happy Holidays!

The book is for sale now on Amazon, in print and eBook formats.

Graphic meme satire notwithstanding, at its root, this book is a call to action to all who believe in E Pluribus Unum, One Nation Under God, Indivisible, and believe in the universal right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Having these basic American precepts in common makes us kindreds.

This book pushes back on a nationalist movement that is afoot in America and is approaching its nadir, and when and if that should happen, there are roughly 500 million guns in the hands of private citizens whose growing public conflict could potentially dwarf Civil War violence.

Certainly, enjoy the funny graphic memes, but be sure to consume the content that accompanies them as well. The analyses have been painstakingly researched and will provide considerable rare facts and historic information you may not have considered. Your feedback is welcomed.

Please check out my political meme submissions in the DC C.R.A.P. Meme Gallery here on the Humor Times website.

Regi Taylor