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[Disclaimer: This article is satire, or what we used to call "fake news" before actual fake news started poisoning the political discourse!]

Trump Rails Against ‘Fake President’

Feb 162017
 By , February 16, 2017

Alec Baldwin and SNL come under fire

Trump has begun to realize that his overuse of the term “fake news” whenever anything critical of him is written in the press is getting old and losing its credibility, even with his supporters. He has decided to take a completely different tack.

Alec Baldwin as TrumpFrom now own, whenever media of any type report something he did or said in a negative way, he will insist that it was Alec Baldwin in his SNL makeup. Whenever he has to make an about face on what is on the record, he will claim that he is rectifying another malicious act by Alec Baldwin.

He says he plans to investigate SNL’s makeup and wardrobe department to see if they can be charged with endangering the national security. Jeff Sessions is preparing documents to charge Alec Baldwin with impersonation of the president and defamation of character.

Because of this “threat to national security,” Trump has the Justice Department working on a suspension of the First Amendment and an injunction which will prevent SNL from using Alec Baldwin or any other cast member to portray him or any member of his staff and family.

Trump complains that he needs to keep his wife in the Trump Tower under constant surveillance so that she is not unknowingly seduced by the “fake President.”

This just in: President Trump has been rushed to a hospital to treat multiple wounds on his face he incurred when he charged into a full length mirror yelling, “I see you Alec Baldwin!”

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Diane de Anda

Diane de Anda is a third generation Latina and retired UCLA professor. Tired of cranking out technical articles in a "publish or perish" atmosphere, she now spends most of her time writing adult fiction, children's books, parody, and satire. Her weapon of choice is the limerick, aimed with humor and a touch of malice at society's icons, celebrities, politicians, and other irritating folk.

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