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Dec 042014
 By , December 4, 2014

Ever notice what Downton Abbey is similar to? If you, like me, are a Boomer who is addicted to Downton Abbey, that show just might remind you of a wildly popular TV show of our youth, a 1960s classic that reflected the essential culture of [more…]

Mar 102013
 By , March 10, 2013
Pot-Seeking Caravans Headed for Marijuana Meccas

“Legalize It” by Peter Tosh heard booming from boomer marijuana caravans across the land News that the recreational use of marijuana has been legalized in Colorado and Oregon have boomers all over the United States plotting plans to get their fair share, while doing their [more…]

Dec 172012

By Roz Warren and Richard Bready I Read a Blog Today, Oh Boy We Boomers (and our elders) grew up in a world of land lines, rotary phones, newspapers and snail mail. (Some of us even remember Western Union!) Now that these things are becoming [more…]

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