[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

Frontline Doctors Founder Denied “Freedom Drugs” in Federal Prison

Federal prison authorities stymie founder of “America’s Frontline Doctors.”

Federal prison authorities won’t let the founder of “America’s Frontline Doctors” fill her “freedom prescriptions” to treat Covid-19, the warden of the Miami prison announced today.

Frontline Doctors
Frontline Doctors founder denied “Freedom Drugs” in prison.

That means Dr. Simone Gold must either take government-approved treatments or suffer the consequences of her actions.  She had asked the warden for permission to take “freedom medicines” such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.  Both “treatments” are frowned upon by the medical establishment and federal regulators.

Florida Surgeon General Can’t Visit the Doctor

Citing conventional medical practice, the “boss of the joint,” as the warden calls himself, also turned away Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo.  The Harvard-trained doctor caught the eye of Sunshine State Gov. Ron DeSantis for questioning the efficacy and safety of Covid vaccines, and mask mandates.  Lapado also was an early supporter of America’s Frontline Doctors.  He left the prison front gate in a tizzy today after he refused to wear a mask.

Dr. Gold is in the news again because she pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in connection with the Jan. 6 riot at the nation’s Capitol.  Supporters contend she is being persecuted by a tyrannical government.   In contrast, they insist authorities ignore the alleged misbehavior of Black Lives Matter and Antifa members.

Solitary Confinement for Dr. Gold

In a press conference, the Miami warden addressed concerns about BLM and Antifa.  He said, “Dr. Gold will spend her 60-day sentence in solitary confinement.”  He made the decision “after the doctor and her representatives warned that BLM and Antifa sympathizers may try to harm her.”

An anonymous member of a radical group, on Twitter, reacted.  “Bitch got what she deserved.  Enjoy talking to yourself for two months.”

But the equally radical Florida governor took a different position.  He asked his staff to research whether he could fire the Miami-based federal warden.

The answer?  No, because the warden works for the federal government.

Replied DeSantis, “Just wait until 2024.”

Steve Schneider