Pengate: King Charles v King Henry VIII’s Short Temper

King Charles

The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword: King Charles was royally irked as he inked his way into the History Books! Say that 10 times!

King Charles (the royal formally known as Prince) may be in mourning & deserves our patience & sympathy, but I see that some irreverent trolls have come out of the woodwork to dis anybody even if they’re wearing a crown & that is what I call… “Pengate”!


“Oh God, I hate this!” & “I can’t bear this bloody thing!” fretted the new King.

Just because King Charles was having a little meltdown over a leaky pen while signing a document, and just because he fusses about tidying his desk, doesn’t mean his realm will have an impotent leader.

King Henry VIII

That applies to King Henry VIII’s entitlement too! But of course, it was much worse. When Hank didn’t get his way & wasn’t gifted with a son by two of his wives – he beheaded them!

Yes, Anne Boleyn & Catherine Howard were gobsmacked in the worst way! 

What’s even more embarrassing is – their necklaces fell right off!

I’m sorry!

It’s unlikely King Charles’ ‘Pen Steward’ will have that fate. But just in case, check the news after you read this article – who knows – it’s his first week!

Think back on any of your first weeks at work – with or without your Mum passing.

I remember when I lost my mother twelve years ago, I was a little off too! I parked my car in a Ralph’s Grocery Store’s parking lot, went in, shopped & walked home. (Okay, 2 blocks away)

The next day, I went to get my car in my apartment’s garage spot & peed a little. No, I traced my steps back to the damn grocery store & there was no car with the license plate UIDIOT1234. 

But, I did get a call from a tow service & the Sheriff’s Department.  $$ later, I swore that’s not gonna happen again!

So, whether we approve of a Monarchy or not – let’s give King Charles a break & not jump on him when he can’t find his Queen Consort, his Family Jewels or his new Ballpoint Pen!

Marilyn Sands