The Sandbox Chronicles – Liddle Donnie’s Playbook

Liddle Donnie Trump had everything a little boy needed — a Shovel, a Bucket, an Executive Order!

Liddle Donnie

For children, a sandbox is a microcosm of their world…for Liddle Donnie Trump it was  Battling Practice!

When Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee spoke out on President Trump’s White House being run like an Adult Day Care Center & could lead to World War III — I pictured a sandbox as his Command Post.

He had everything any little boy needed — a Shovel, a Bucket, an Executive Order!

Liddle Donnie

But, there he was — sitting Budda-style telling his playmates, “I will build a great wall & America will pay for it”!

“Dig, Bannon, dig — meet China half-way…but get their oil”!

So, it’s no surprise there was a big turnover in Sandmates — especially when he shouted, “Look at my African-American over here”!

“Save money!  You don’t need no freakin’ Window Treatments or Welcome Mats — and, that goes for Turrets, Ramparts & Fornication”!

“Stop pullin’ on my sleeve, Pence”!

“Fortification Donnie, fortification”!

“Mrs. Pence, Mrs. Pence — he’s talkin’ dirty again”!

And, every morning looking over his domain — Liddle Donnie announced, “Russia, if you’re listening – all this can be yours”!

Liddle Donnie

“My sand’s changed every day – not raked through like in a Litter Box!  It’s flown in hourly from the finest Quarries in Italy (they make all my marble, you know) but first — all religious denominations say a prayer over it”!

“The Moat was my idea — what a genius!  And, without the Drawbridge Toll — there’d be no Trade, no Commerce, no Domino’s Delivery”!

“Spires, Smiers — okay, I had bad karma at ‘The Taj’ – yet, I never had one bankruptcy”!

And, because he practiced his future Campaign Speeches there – this iconic sandbox was approved as an Historical Landmark next to his Log Cabin Birthplace & Meme Outlet Store:

“A Chicken in Every Pot”? 

“Well, I say, “A Sandbox in Every Backyard”…okay, Puerto Rico too — but allow 6 to 8 months for delivery”!

“And, because I want Peace so badly — this sand will come from both Israeli & Palestinian borders or Toys R Us…I have a Gift Card”!

But, after a lot of ‘I know you are, but what am I’s’ — the tykes ran home, but Liddle Donnie sounded like a 5 year old Don Rickles:

“Bannon — come back when the face clears up & hey, bring more Shakespeare”!

“Pelosi — you’re ‘a 2’ — how’d you get to sit next to me — big rack for a five year old though”!

“Mitch — your cry for H.E.L.P. in the sand proves you are indeed — Impotent”!

But, when Liddle Rex Tillerson shook the sand from his shoes & found his southern ego still intact — he accidentally knocked over Trump’s garish work of art & under his breath said, 

“So very sorry, boss — but here — Catch…Moron”!

Marilyn Sands