What Happened to the Wicked Witch?

GOP leadership is hoping and praying that the wicked witch is finally dead, so they can move on to other fascist party leaders.

Florida resident Donald Trump may not be dead politically. Yet. But this lay observer of politics thinks the GOP leadership ranks are ready to break out in song and dance. Maybe even perform “Ding Dong The Witch is Dead” from the Wizard of Oz.

wicked witch is deadConsider this. The signs of euphoria spread across the land after Trump dined in Mar-a-Lago with an anti-Semitic fascist named Nick Fuentes. The former president hosted hate soon after he announced his third bid for the presidency.

Hate is Good?

As mainstream press reports buried Trump with scorn, an alt right figure emerged to say the meeting was his doing. Milo Yiannopoulos, a now-disowned former editor of Breitbart, claims he got Kanye West to bring Fuentes to the dinner.

Why? Yiannopoulos says he wants Trump to get to know hate better. And respect it. And see what it can do for him politically if he doesn’t keep his distance from it.

“I wanted to show Trump the kind of talent that he’s missing out on by allowing his terrible handlers to dictate who he can and can’t hang out with,” Yiannopoulos said. I found the quote in a Guardian article that attributed the journalism to NBC News.

Pols Speak Out, or Not

Initially, President Joe Biden stood up and spoke out against the Florida shindig. But formerly loyal vice president Mike Pence joined in, too.

And now most of the floodgates are open, with Sunshine State Governor Ron DeSantis staying mum.

The ambitious young politician is not shy when it comes to confronting “woke” thinking and behavior.  However, he apparently feels he is punching down if he tackles hate. Or maybe the governor is calculating that Trump is self-destructing, so all he has to do is stand back and stand by.

DeSantis, you see, fancies himself a working guy. So, he seems intent on riding a pickup truck or a bulldozer up the yellow brick road to the White House.  All without fighting the Wicked Witch.

Steve Schneider