[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

Trump: Hydroxychloroquine Makes Me Immune from Prosecution

Trump remains adamant that he is immune from prosecution.

Former President Donald Trump has been adamant that he is immune from prosecution and has now taken his case to the Supreme Court.

Trump immune from prosecution, Gage Skidmore
Trump explaining that he is immune from prosecution thanks to a miracle drug. Photo: Gage Skidmore.

In an exclusive interview with the Humor Times, Trump elaborated on his case, explaining the key to his immunity: Hydroxychloroquine.

“Everybody knows that Hydroxychloroquine makes you immune from everything — COVID, prosecution, facts, shame — you name it, Hydroxychloroquine wipes it out,” said Trump.

Trump explained that since he took Hydroxychloroquine back in 2020, he has barely had COVID, and as a side effect, he is now also completely immune from prosecution.

“Look, I know more than the scientists and I will tell you that there is some kind of… stuff… in Hydroxychloroquine that goes into your body, through your brain, and I have a smarter brain than anyone, so I know, and it fights the arguments from all the losers and haters, and makes their argument completely… stupid… and unright,” said Trump.

“I would explain scientifically how it happens, but you’re not smart enough to understand it so I won’t waste my time,” he added.

Trump is confident that his Hydroxychloroquine defense is a slam dunk and he will be exonerated from being exonerated.

“I’ll even take a medical test for the Supreme Court to prove my case,” said Trump. “I’m going to bring my own personal doctor, Ronny Jackson, who is smarter than any loser doctor that the prosecution comes up with. I know more than Ronny, so I would do the test myself, but he can do a better job of dumbing it down and explaining the results to the stupid liberals on the Supreme Court,” said Trump. “And my justices, Amy Comey, Nosuch, Brent, Clarence Darrow and Alegal, will all agree with me.”

Trump added that he also injected bleach into his system, and that also makes him immune from everything, including prosecution as well as various stains.

Dave Henry