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‘Unusual Urges’ Cited: Man Sues Big Pharma Due to Side Effect of Popular Drug

Dispatches From SNN (Slobovian News Network)

Man sues drug maker, saying that “unusual urges” caused him to break into a zoo and attempt to have sex with a crocodile.

According to SNN Big Pharma correspondent Opie Oiyde, one of the major side effects of the popular anti-toenail fungus drug “Byzygydyzy” is “unusual urges.”

unusual urges, crocodile
Man had unusual urges, including to get intimate with the sexy Annie Ruth. Photo: Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0.

Citing the unusual urge to have sex with a crocodile, drug user Phumpo Grabasse, a 42 year old CPA, broke into the San Diego Zoo and attempted to have sex with Annie Ruth, a 450-pound crocodile.

Among the many side effects of the popular drug are: bad breath, gas, bloating, tooth loss, suicidal thoughts and actions, bloody and black stool, seizures, headache, cough, dry mouth, fever, unwanted pregnancy, heart attack, brain cancer, death and swollen feet. Other than that, it’s fine.

Mr. Grabasse lost his left leg, tongue and privates during his encounter with Annie Ruth and he plans to sue the drug maker.

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