This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Unqualified Immunity

Donald Trump should be given unqualified immunity from the presidency.

unqualified immunity
Even his mom knew he had unqualified immunity.

Trump vows to get even if it destroys the country.

Republicans refuse to step on lunatic attack toes.

Trump gaslights phoney-jerk reactions.

Insurrectionists need to get a life… SENTENCE!

Donald Trump’s mantra: I don’t know rules. I don’t. No rules.

Why do Trump supporters believe he’s innocent? Perhaps it’s because he’s never been true to his convictions.

Trump’s intentions are glaringly obvious.

Not surprisingly, the cowardly lyin’ GOP felon line behind Trump.

For the chicken-hearted, talk is always cheep.

Hey “Orange Jesus,” savior blasphemy-me-me.

DJT is hate’s poster-child.

The man of steal needs to be placed in the crypt tonight.

Democracy faces a right-wing Epoch-ellipse.

Governor Abbott should be put through the grinder for his stand-your-ground beef with justice in Texas. You’re ground beef with justice in Texas.

Tyrants will only rule with outlaws.

The real deep state resides in the billion-area.

“Scam-you-all” Alito only raises red flags.

Duty lies in the “ayes” of the beholden.

I’ll admit Republicans are cool… when hell freezes over!

Ralph Lombard