Republicans Cry Benghazi – A Poem

Republicans Cry Benghazi

Mother earth just keeps getting hotter
Superstorms can’t be held at bay
Drought is spreading all across the midlands
Time for action fast slipping away
And Republicans whisper Benghazi

The economy it lolls in the doldrums
Unemployment has barely declined
One percenters just keep getting richer
While the 99 fall further behind
And Republicans they cry Benghazi

Immigrants must live in the shadows
Hard working and well underpaid
Wanting only to become lawful citizens
Of ICE they’re deathly afraid
And Republicans scream Benghazi

NRA dogma is hailed as holy
The thirst for guns can’t be sated
We’re packing in schools and in churches
Yet mass murders persist unabated
And Republicans cry Benghazi

*(Sung to the tune The Wind Cries Mary)

Benghazi, Luckovich

Rick Blum