Hillary Clinton Apparently Unaware Obama Cannot Run for Third Term

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton gearing up to get revenge

In case no one has noticed lately, it seems former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has been a bit passive aggressive in her treatment of her former boss, President Obama.

Hillary Clinton Obama hug
Alex Brandon/AP Photo

She came at him with both barrels last week, lambasting his skills on the international front and his handling of the Middle East crisis, and then whammo, she starts talking about hugging him when next they meet, and telling the press she really does admire him. Ok, so she states he doesn’t know what he’s doing when it comes to foreign affairs, but is proud of him?

What’s up with that? Hormonal changes? Possibly. But honestly, it looks more like she’s stuck in perpetual “running for President” mode, trying to cut her own swatch out of the foreign affairs fiasco quilt that is quickly unraveling before our very eyes. But going after the guy whom she needs badly to help her win a possible nomination as Democratic candidate for President certainly begs some kind of explanation. Perhaps she feels confident in the fact that the only other guy who holds sway over the 2016 Democratic primary nominations is her own husband, Bill. With Bill on her side, who needs old Mr. what’s his name?

So, what about Bill Clinton, while we’re on the subject. Possibly, she is having a tough time with him and subconsciously taking it out on Obama. I mean, look at him (Obama that is). He’s successful, his marriage is solid, his kids are way cute. To fill his shoes, which appear to be about a size 13 if not larger, she is going to have to come out of the gate half cocked and loaded for bear, not unlike a certain other female politician from the other party who has not yet made her intentions clear on whether or not to run for the White House herself.

But enough of Sarah Palin already. It is pure conjecture, but it would appear that Hillary Clinton is gunning for Obama to show she can take on the biggest dog in the Democratic pound. Fair enough. What about Elizabeth Warren?

“Oh her!” I thought I heard Clinton say at a recent fundraiser. “I’ve challenged her to a cookie bake off and she hasn’t accepted yet. Guess we know who’s afraid of whom now, don’t we?”

P. Beckert