Thoughts That Need to Be Thunk About for 2016

Deep thoughts and questions for 2016

If Donald Trump wins the 2016 Presidential election, he will consider all of us to be ‘losers.’

If the Occupiers of the wildlife refuge took over the land there wouldn’t they probably shoot all the ducks?

thoughts 2016Do the Republicans already have a smear campaign ready in case Bernie Sanders is elected based on the fact that he is Jewish, a Socialist and advanced in age?

Under the definition of ‘gang’ wouldn’t all the police and military forces in the country also be considered such?

Doesn’t the term ‘Human Resources’ sound a little inhuman?

If the U.S. had a sudden catastrophe or war and we had to emigrate, would the countries we welcome in now welcome us?

Wouldn’t it maybe be better to leave that unseen planet that scientists believe exists out beyond Pluto alone? Maybe it is the Death Star.

If ISIS is so keen on removing all forms of foreign influence, why do they love cell phones, modern weaponry and Toyota pickup trucks so much?

Aren’t a true capitalist society and a true democracy just about opposites of each other?

Politicians can now go back to ignoring Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire as insignificant, now that the 2016 primaries there are over.

If the Oregon wildlife refuge occupiers believe so much in civil rights, why did they use the computers and the facilities at the offices there, without getting permission first?

If Bernie Sanders is elected and remains a true socialist, are we going to get a lot of the free benefits that corporations and government employees and officials already get?

Isn’t going out and shooting a big game animal actually pretty cowardly? Also, which one is really the savage beast?

If a pacifist allows an aggressor to kill him, isn’t that just going to stimulate the aggressor to kill more pacifists?

Why in the world did a freedom-loving Russian like Boris Yeltsin hire a KGB crony like Putin to be his right-hand man?

If Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 election, will the urinal be removed from the Oval Office restroom?

If you were to wear a vest bomb to a gun show, would they recognize wearing that as a Second Amendment right?

If you were to trespass on the land owned by the Oregon refuge occupiers, would they shoot you?

How good of an ophthalmologist was a scumbag like Assad before he became the dictator of Syria?

If Beyoncé weren’t good looking, would she be even half as famous a singer as she is today?

Lastly, a shout out to those wonderful patriots who showed their concern for all Americans by barricading themselves in Oregon for the last month – THANKS FOR RAISING OUR TAX EXPENDITURES!!!