How the Trump Stole America: A Poem

How the Trump Stole America

trump stole america
A cartogram: a map in which the sizes of states are rescaled according to their population. By Mark Newman.

Politics in America had suffered a blow
Americans were fed up with the status quo
Obama did what he could with what given
The red states were mad, they were hellbent and driven

Give us a new leader, give us fresh meat
A guy who knows how to make money and tweet
That’s all that they needed, no more and no less
Could that guy be found? It was anyone’s guess

Then out from a rock came an orange-shaded man
Whose hair was combed over, his body fake tan
Republicans fell one by one in debate
to his promise of making America great

When down to two choices, the people did cry
Why hadn’t we chosen the blue Birdie guy
The choices were pared down — one lady, one man
A woman with balls ‘gainst a guy with small hands.

The voters had spoken, and held out the hope
That electors would wise up and see through this joke
There were no more chances, the election was over
America faced a Trump White House Takeover

The folks who had voted the Charlatan in
Didn’t know what they bargained for letting Trump win
I’ll stop social programs, you’ll have nowhere to go
for your handouts, your food stamps, your government dole

Your paydays will dwindle, You’ll beg for my mercy
Especially Chris Christie and his goons in New Jersey.
Latinos, and Muslims, and foreigners all
I’ll send you a packin’ and I’ll build a wall

I’ll think up new taxes, new tariffs and fees,
Until it’s not profitable for the Chinese.
I’ll rape the land and cut down all your trees,
Why I’ll even deplete all the birds and the bees

Then the President laughed, yes he laughed till he cried
He looked in the camera with a face full of snide.
I told you I’d do it, I said I would win
You fell for my lies and my fakey false grin

No longer will this be a government for all
My mission’s to watch your democracy fall
He finished his tirade by blowing a kiss and said
Thanks for the votes, now you all are dismissed.

©P. Beckert 2016

P. Beckert