Microwave Takes Order, Heats & Delivers, Snapping Pics All the While

“Clandestine watching can be done via a microwave that turns into a camera. We know that is just a fact of modern life.” – Kellyanne Conway

Hello, fine & you?

I want to order 2 egg rolls, spare ribs, phad Thai extra spicy — bean sprouts on the side. When will it be ready?


5 minutes.

You know where I live?

We know everybody address.

This is my first time.

We’ve been waiting to hear — you late in game.  How long you have microwave?

25 – 30 years.

Late bloom luddite.


That’s it?  No receipt — no tip?

Well, we do have overhead…

Let’s see how this works first.

You know how to boil water — you can “Heat it like Conway.”

Is that what you call it?

No — but “Yu suk @ kooking” didn’t make it!

Marilyn Sands